Who We Are

Friendly Fire is a 3D Concept and Production House. We are specialized in 3D Animation, Character Design, Visual Effects, Video Production, Motion Graphics and Postproduction. Friendly Fire was founded in 2004 in Vienna by
Klaus Fekesa, Roman Saravia and Thomas Schmid.

We tell stories that captivate and fascinate people. In order to accomplish this goal and bring fantastic ideas to life, 3D animations are our main tools. This fascination and this passion to be creative motivate us.


We have a concept-orientated approach for each project and see ourselves as a partner to support you during the selection of styles, the development of a character or with the visualisation of a completely new product.


The art of good animation is always the art of good storytelling as well. How do you tell the story of the product? How can attention be attracted using text animations? How do you create excitement with an extraordinary look and feel? This is why a good story is an integral part of all of our animations.

Concept Art / Illustration

Concept art and illustration artists work with us who have already made it to the cover of Lürzer's Archiv or into the renowned Exposé 9. You can express your idea strongly with a storyboard or concept artwork, even during the conceptual phase.

Character Design

Do you have an idea for a character? Come to us. We'll be happy to help you take it further. We'll show you what's possible and the steps required. From character design all the way to complex 3D animation.

Pre- and Postproduction

You have an incredibly good script. But what approach does it need to realise its full strength? This is the question we ask ourselves at the beginning. This is exactly the reason why our postproduction is already present during preproduction. It is a part of the discussion between the agency and the director when it comes to talking about styles and production methods. As a result, an idea for implementation often arises that you never would have thought of.

Visual Effects

Bang. Boom. Crash. You‘re thinking about explosions. That's exactly what we're talking about.

3D Artworks

What is real? What is fiction? We like it best when both of these merge and the eye can no longer tell the difference between photos and 3D objects. The impossible becomes real. The absurd begins to live. In addition, this also allows the entire product range to be presented in a photorealist manner and new, smart production methods to be used.

Pitch Support

No time. Not enough money. But you want to win the pitch. To land your presentation we support you with our concept and production skills and give things a sporting chance and accept the agency risk with our special pitch rates.

How We Work

The permanent employed FF-Team consists of CG generalists as well as specialists for particular project needs within the diverse requirements of 3D- and postproduction projects.

All production steps from concept art and storyboarding through modeling, sculpting, texturing, animation, shading, lighting and rendering up to post-effects, scripting, compositing and editing can be done by this well-rehearsed team. Additionally we extend this team by a pool of experienced freelance artists and partners.

The choices of our equipment are embossed by two key aspects: Effectivity and greatest possible freedom for the artists creativity. To guarantee this claim, we use a well-proved mixed-software pipeline, combining industry standard solutions charged by in-house tools. Our render farm, motion capture studio and facility for live action shootings allows us a great scope and flexibility.